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AESEXY Trusted Casino Online


AE Group (Awesome Entertainment) was launched in 2016, and promptly re-shuffled rankings in the industry. At the helm is a leader with 20 years of industrial experience directing his fleet of more than 200 professionals in technology, marketing, arts, operations and business promotion. AE has mastered the key technologies of integrated game platforms to provide a full range of services such as operations management, website development, brand marketing, mobile app development and web design. Furthermore, we have a wide range of the world’s top games, such as chess and card games, slots, lottery games, eSports, casino entertainment and animal fights.

In addition, the AE Group has a myriad of multinational projects. Currently, our Venus Group in Macau, Philippines and Cambodia offer many Venus VIP Lounges, and provide all members with UUPay for quick currency exchange services. We support multiple currencies to allow physical transactions at all Venus VIP Lounge for our members. Moreover, with a large amount of investment, our Venus Entertainment City in Cambodia has land-based casinos and a large-scale science park to provide one-stop full-service for corporate customers. We expect to lead the development of gambling in Asia and climb over the peak and beyond. Since 2018, the AE Group has accurately segmented the market and launched sub-brands such as AE Chess System Platform, AE Lottery System Platform, AE eSports System Platform, SexyGaming, NY Lottery and UltraPlay eSports to help operators target the market and bring their advantages into full play.

In 2020, AE Group developed brand new “AE White Label”, covered Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. AE White Label not only remains the high efficiency, high quality of the system but keeps upgrading its performance, thus, bring our clients to a higher level of success! AE Group has one and only message for you - Choice is invariably more important than hard work!

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  • AE White Label

Be the SEA winner with the exclusive game and price.

Covering Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, India and Indonesia, AE White Label provides various promotion set-ups, report analysis, and third-party payments to let you monitor the marketing status at any time and anywhere.

Not only having tailor-made layouts for the SEA market, support various languages and currencies, but also provides over 30 trending games in SEA, like “kingmaker”, “SV388”, and the hottest game “Sexy Gaming”. In addition, AE White Label customized templates for Sexy Gaming, let players love it! AE White Label not only remains the high efficiency, high quality of the system but keeps upgrading its performance, thus, bring our clients to a higher level of success!

  • Lowest price in Thailand - Sexy Gaming only 8% !
  • Exclusive SV388 - Only at AE Vietnam !
  • 38 tailor-made SEA templates, supports 8 languages and currencies.
  • 30 SEA trending games, attract the players to the site.

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AE Lottery

Break from Tradition - Maximize Your Profit

The AE lottery system platform targets the lottery system platform market. In past lottery system platforms, wages and profit sharing mechanisms result in profit for agents and loss for station managers. Our AE lottery system platform allows you to break out of the framework and avoid such a situation. User-friendly interface and a diversity of customized lotteries maximize profit for operators!

The AE lottery also has a variety of self-draw lottery, such as Sic Bo, Race Car Lottery and Shi Shi Cai. In addition, new lottery games are regularly launched. Among these lotteries, the Dogfight fighter-type lottery ticket, modeled after real World War II fighter aircrafts in style and appearance, meets the novelty need of lottery players. Coupled with AE lottery App, players can experience more fast paced and stable gaming.

  • Random and fair winning numbers - easier agent promotion.
  • Diversity of self-draw lottery - enhance novelty for players.
  • Customized draw time - constant and uninterrupted drawing.
  • Drawing analysis report - all kinds of detailed statistics.

  • AE eSports

Dominate the world’s esport market with thousands of trending games.

AE eSports provide you with the most abundant and quality esports products. Each month, we offer more than 5,000 online esports and games, including more than 25 mainstream esports games such as CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. We provide customers with instant access to the most competitive eSports portfolio.

With many years of esports experience and impressive knowledge and operation model in gambling. AE eSports provides a myriad of betting games for first-line players. Coupled with AE’s transfer wallet, more than 60 payment channels, multi-languages, multi-national lines and a comprehensive agent system platform, you can easily dominate the world’s online gaming market.

  • With the most trending products, providing the most variety of games in the industry.
  • Stable & steady signals providing real-time live streaming E-Sports Games.
  • Game prediction system ( ODDS.GG ) - leading data coverage in the world.

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AE Sexy

Lively and passionate, brand new casino game experience

AE Sexy Baccarat is now available with Thai Sexy Casino Girl. Our casino is upgraded by restrictive guidelines, which make casino games safer to play. Aesexy have gone to a high extent for making casino games worth it with advanced technologies and high encryption securities.

With our front line sound and video quality in Sexy Baccarat, our expert’s group guarantees all time availability of the internet for unlimited Aesexy Baccarat gaming experience.

Players can feel the joy of hot young ladies from various nations whenever, anyplace, and experience energizing gaming.

What other features you can have under safety and security?

  • Play varieties of games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sicbo, Roulette
  • Aesexy Casino games with young ladies all around you.
  • Game available at multi-tables- One wager wins all.
  • Rewarding betting odds with fast payout.

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